A pan (1)




  • To wash in a pan (of earth, sand etc. when searching for gold).
  • To disparage; to belittle; to put down; to criticise severely.
  • With "out" (to pan out), to turn out well; to be successful.
  • To beat one's opposition convincingly.
  • To criticize harshly a work (like a book, movie, etc.)
  • To turn horizontally.
  • To move the camera lens angle while continuing to expose the film, enabling a contiguous view and enrichment of context. In still-photography large-group portraits the film usually remains on a horizontal fixed plane as the lens and/or the film holder moves to expose the film laterally. The resulting image may extend a short distance laterally or as great as 360 degrees from the point where the film first began to be exposed.
  • To spread a sound signal into a new stereo or multichannel sound field, typically giving the impression that it is moving across the sound stage.
  • To join or fit together; to unite.



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  • From Middle English panne, from Old English panne, from Proto-West Germanic *pannā, from Proto-Germanic *pannǭ.
  • Cognate with West Frisian panne, Saterland Frisian Ponne, Dutch pan, German Low German Panne, Pann, German Pfanne, Danish pande, Swedish panna, Icelandic panna.
  • From a clipped form of panorama.
  • Compare French pan ("skirt, lappet"), Latin pannus ("a cloth, rag"). pagne, pane, and pannus.
  • From Old English. See pane.

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