• A portion; a component.
  • Duty; responsibility.
  • The dividing line formed by combing the hair in different directions.
  • In the Hebrew lunisolar calendar, a unit of time equivalent to 3⅓ seconds.
  • A constituent of character or capacity; quality; faculty; talent; usually in the plural with a collective sense.


  • To leave the company of.
  • To cut hair with a parting; shed.
  • To divide in two.
  • To be divided in two or separated; shed.
  • To divide up; to share.
  • To have a part or share; to partake.
  • To separate or disunite; to remove from contact or contiguity; to sunder.
  • To hold apart; to stand or intervene between.
  • To separate by a process of extraction, elimination, or secretion.
  • To leave; to quit.
  • To leave (an IRC channel).




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  • From Middle English part, from Old English part ("part") and Old French part ("part"); both from Latin partem, accusative of pars, from Proto-Indo-European *par-, *per-. Akin to portio, paro. Displaced Middle English dele ("part") (from Old English dǣl ("part, distribution") > Modern English deal), Middle English dale, dole (from Old English dāl ("portion") > Modern English dole), Middle English sliver ("part, portion") (from Middle English sliven ("to cut, cleave"), from Old English toslifan ("to split")).

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