• A place or location.
  • A post of employment; a job.
  • A status or rank.
  • An opinion, stand or stance.
  • A posture.
  • A situation suitable to perform some action.
  • A place on the playing field, together with a set of duties, assigned to a player.
  • An amount of securities, commodities, or other financial instruments held by a person, firm or institution.
  • A commitment, or a group of commitments, such as options or futures, to buy or sell a given amount of financial instruments, such as securities, currencies or commodities, for a given price.
  • A method of solving a problem by one or two suppositions; also called the rule of trial and error.
  • The full state of a chess game at any given turn.



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  • From Middle English posicioun, from Old French posicion, from Latin positio ("a putting, position"), from ponere, past participle positus; see ponent. Compare apposition, composition, deposition; see pose.

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