• and potian, both from Proto-Germanic *putōną ("to stick, stab"), which is of uncertain origin. Possibly from Proto-Indo-European *bud- ("to shoot, sprout"), which would make it cognate with Sanskrit बुन्द ("arrow"), Lithuanian budė, and budis. Compare also related Old English pȳtan ("to push, poke, thrust, put out (the eyes)"). Cognate with Dutch poten ("to set, plant"), Danish putte ("to put"), Swedish putta, pötta, potta, Norwegian putte ("to set, put"), Norwegian pota ("to poke"), Icelandic pota ("to poke"), Dutch peuteren ("to pick, poke around, dig, fiddle with").
  • Origin unknown. Perhaps related to Welsh pwt, itself possibly borrowed from English butt.
  • Old French pute.

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