• A colleague or partner.
  • A companion; a comrade.
  • One of a pair, or of two things used together or suited to each other; a mate.
  • A person (thing, etc) comparable in characteristics:
  • A male person; a man.
  • A man without good breeding or worth; an ignoble or mean man.
  • A person; an individual, regardless of gender.
  • A rank or title in the professional world, usually given as "Fellow".



  • From Middle English felowe, felawe, felage, from Old Norse félagi ("fellow, companion, associate, shareholder, colleague"), from félag, from the Germanic bases of two words represented in English by fee and law. Cognate with Scots falow, fallow, follow, Danish fælle ("companion"), Norwegian felle ("companion"), Faroese felagi ("member, partner"), Icelandic félagi ("comrade, mate").

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