A match.



  • A competitive sporting event such as a boxing meet, a baseball game, or a cricket match.
  • Any contest or trial of strength or skill, or to determine superiority.
  • Someone with a measure of an attribute equaling or exceeding the object of comparison.
  • A marriage.
  • A candidate for matrimony; one to be gained in marriage.
  • Suitability.
  • Equivalence; a state of correspondence.
  • Equality of conditions in contest or competition.
  • A pair of items or entities with mutually suitable characteristics.
  • An agreement or compact.
  • A perforated board, block of plaster, hardened sand, etc., in which a pattern is partly embedded when a mould is made, for giving shape to the surfaces of separation between the parts of the mould.
  • A device made of wood or paper, at the tip coated with chemicals that ignite with the friction of being dragged (struck) against a rough dry surface.



  • From Middle English macche, mecche, from Old English mæċċa, ġemæċċa, from Proto-West Germanic *makkjō, *gamakkjō, from Proto-Indo-European *mag-. Compare Danish mage, Icelandic maki.
  • From Middle English macche, mecche, from Old French mesche, meische, from Vulgar Latin micca (compare Catalan metxa, Spanish mecha, Italian miccia), which in turn is probably from Latin myxa, from Ancient Greek μύξα.

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