Vintage black enamel compact, c. 1960s




  • To form an agreement or contract.
  • To make more dense; to compress.
  • To unite or connect firmly, as in a system.


  • Closely packed, i.e. packing much in a small space.
  • Having all necessary features fitting neatly into a small space.
  • Closed and bounded.
  • Such that every open cover of the given set has a finite subcover.
  • Brief; close; pithy; not diffuse; not verbose.
  • Joined or held together; leagued; confederated.
  • Composed or made; with of.


  • From Latin compactum ("agreement").
  • From Middle French, from Latin compāctus, perfect passive participle of compingō, from com- + pangō, from Proto-Indo-European *pag- ("to fasten").

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