• Closed, shut.
  • Narrow; confined.
  • At a little distance; near.
  • Intimate; well-loved.
  • Oppressive; without motion or ventilation; causing a feeling of lassitude.
  • Hot, humid, with no wind.
  • Articulated with the tongue body relatively close to the hard palate.
  • Strictly confined; carefully guarded.
  • Out of the way of observation; secluded; secret; hidden.
  • Nearly equal; almost evenly balanced.
  • Short.
  • Dense; solid; compact.
  • Concise; to the point.
  • Difficult to obtain.
  • Parsimonious; stingy.
  • Adhering strictly to a standard or original; exact.
  • Accurate; careful; precise; also, attentive; undeviating; strict.
  • Marked, evident.


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  • From Middle English closen ("to close, enclose"), partly continuing (in altered form) earlier Middle English clusen (from Old English clȳsan ("to close, shut"); compare beclose, foreclose, etc.), and partly derived from Middle English clos, from Old French clos ("close, confined"), from Latin clausus ("shut up"), from claudere, from Proto-Indo-European *klāw- ("key, hook, nail"), related to Latin clāvis ("key, deadbolt, bar"), clāvus, claustrum, claustra. Cognate with Ancient Greek κλείς ("bar, bolt, key"), German schließen ("to close, conclude, lock"), Dutch sluiten ("to close, conclude, lock"). Partially replaced Old English lūcan ("to close, lock, enclose"), (whence English lock). Doublet of clause.
  • Borrowed from French clos, from Latin clausum, participle of claudō.

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