• Made up of two matching or complementary elements.
  • Of twice the quantity.
  • Of a family relationship, related on both the maternal and paternal sides of a family.
  • Designed for two users.
  • Folded in two; composed of two layers.
  • Stooping; bent over.
  • Having two aspects; ambiguous.
  • False, deceitful, or hypocritical.
  • Of flowers, having more than the normal number of petals.
  • Of an instrument, sounding an octave lower.
  • Of time, twice as fast.




  • To multiply by two.
  • To increase by 100%, to become twice as large in size.
  • To be the double of; to exceed by twofold; to contain or be worth twice as much as.
  • To fold over so as to make two folds.
  • (sometimes followed by up) To clench (a fist).
  • To get a two-base hit.
  • (often followed by together or up) To join or couple.
  • To repeat exactly; copy.
  • To serve a second role or have a second purpose.
  • To act as substitute for (another theatrical performer in a certain role, etc).
  • To play (both one part and another, in the same play, etc).
  • To turn sharply, following a winding course.
  • To sail around (a headland or other point).
  • To duplicate (a part) either in unison or at the octave above or below it.
  • To be capable of performing (upon an additional instrument).
  • To make a call that will double certain scoring points if the preceding bid becomes the contract.
  • To double down.
  • To cause (a ball) to rebound from a cushion before entering the pocket.
  • To go or march at twice the normal speed.
  • To multiply the strength or effect of by two.
  • To unite, as ranks or files, so as to form one from each two.
  • To transmit simultaneously on the same channel as another station, either unintentionally or deliberately, causing interference.
  • To operate as a double agent.


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  • From Middle English double, from Old French doble, double, from Latin duplus ("twofold"). doppio, and duple.

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