• From Middle English two, twa, from Old English twā, neuter of twēġen (whence twain), from Proto-West Germanic *twai-, from Proto-Germanic *twai, from Proto-Indo-European *dwóh₁.
  • Cognate with Scots twa ("two"); North Frisian tou, tuu; Saterland Frisian twäin, two; West Frisian twa ("two"); Dutch twee ("two"); Low German twee, twei; German zwei, zwo; Danish and Norwegian to ("two"); Swedish två, tu; Icelandic tvö ("two"); Latin duō ("two"); Ancient Greek δύο ("two"); Irish dhá ("two"); Lithuanian dù ("two"); Russian два ("two"); Albanian dy ("two"); Old Armenian երկու ("two"); Sanskrit द्व ("two"); Tocharian A wu, Tocharian B wi. duo. See also twain.

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