A vase reflected in a mirror.



  • A smooth surface, usually made of glass with reflective material painted on the underside, that reflects light so as to give an image of what is in front of it.
  • An object, person, or event that reflects or gives a picture of another.
  • A disk, website or other resource that contains replicated data.
  • A mirror carp.
  • A kind of political self-help book, advising kings, princes, etc. on how to behave.


  • Of an event, activity, behaviour, etc, to be identical to, to be a copy of.
  • To create something identical to (a web site, etc.).
  • To reflect, as in a mirror.


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  • From Middle English mirour, from Old French mireor ("mirror"), from mirer, from Latin mīror ("wonder at"), from mīrus, from Proto-Indo-European *smey- ("to laugh, to be glad"). Displaced native , which was also the word for "spy."

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