• To put (an object or person) in a specific location.
  • To earn a given spot in a competition.
  • To remember where and when (an object or person) has been previously encountered.
  • To achieve (a certain position, often followed by an ordinal) as in a horse race.
  • To sing (a note) with the correct pitch.
  • To arrange for or to make (a bet).
  • To recruit or match an appropriate person for a job.
  • To place-kick (a goal).


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  • From Middle English place, conflation of Old English plæse, plætse, plæċe and Old French place, both from Latin platea, from Ancient Greek πλατεῖα, shortening of πλατεῖα ὁδός, from Proto-Indo-European *pleth₂-, extended form of *pleh₂-. Displaced native Old English stōw. Compare also English pleck, West Frisian plak, Dutch plek. piatza, piazza, and plaza.
  • From Middle English placen, from the noun (see above).

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