• To assume (a certain shape or visible structure).
  • To give (a shape or visible structure) to a thing or person.
  • To take shape.
  • To put together or bring into being; assemble.
  • To create (a word) by inflection or derivation.
  • To constitute, to compose, to make up.
  • To mould or model by instruction or discipline.
  • To provide (a hare) with a form.
  • To treat (plates) to prepare them for introduction into a storage battery, causing one plate to be composed more or less of spongy lead, and the other of lead peroxide. This was formerly done by repeated slow alternations of the charging current, but later the plates or grids were coated or filled, one with a paste of red lead and the other with litharge, introduced into the cell, and formed by a direct charging current.


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  • From Middle English forme ("shape, figure, manner, bench, frame, seat, condition, agreement, etc."), borrowed from Old French forme, from Latin fōrma ("shape, figure, image, outline, plan, mold, frame, case, etc., manner, sort, kind, etc.")

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