• To create or make.
  • To give something a shape and definition.
  • To form or manipulate something into a certain shape.
  • To give influence to.
  • To suit; to be adjusted or conformable.
  • To imagine; to conceive.


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  • From Middle English shap, schape, from Old English ġesceap ("shape, form, created being, creature, creation, dispensation, fate, condition, sex, gender, genitalia"), from Proto-West Germanic *ga- + *skap, from Proto-Germanic *ga- + *skapą, possibly from Proto-Indo-European *(s)kep- ("to split, cut"). Cognate with Middle Dutch schap ("form"), Middle High German geschaf ("creature"), Icelandic skap ("state, condition, temper, mood").
  • The verb is from Middle English shapen, schapen, from Old English scieppan ("to shape, form, make, create, assign, arrange, destine, order, adjudge"), from Proto-Germanic *skapjaną ("to create"), from the noun. Cognate with Dutch scheppen, German schaffen, Swedish skapa ("create, make"), Norwegian Bokmål skape ("create").

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