• The amount of space between two points, usually geographical points, usually (but not necessarily) measured along a straight line.
  • Length or interval of time.
  • The difference; the subjective measure between two quantities.
  • Remoteness of place; a remote place.
  • Remoteness in succession or relation.
  • A space marked out in the last part of a racecourse.
  • The entire amount of progress to an objective.
  • A withholding of intimacy; alienation; variance.
  • The remoteness or reserve which respect requires; hence, respect; ceremoniousness.
  • The space measured back from the winning-post which a racehorse running in a heat must reach when the winner has covered the whole course, in order to run in the final heat.


  • To move away (from) someone or something.
  • To leave at a distance; to outpace, leave behind.


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  • From Middle English distance, distaunce, destaunce, from Old French destance, from Latin distantia, from distāns, present participle of distō, from di-, dis- + stō. Compare Dutch afstand, German Abstand.

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