A hinge 1




  • To attach by, or equip with a hinge.
  • To depend on something.
  • The breaking off of the distal end of a knapped stone flake whose presumed course across the face of the stone core was truncated prematurely, leaving not a feathered distal end but instead the scar of a nearly perpendicular break.
  • To bend.


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  • From Middle English henge, from Old English *henġ ("hinge"), compare Old English henġe- in henġeclif, Old English henġen, possibly from Proto-Germanic *hangaz, *hangiz. Akin to Scots heenge, Saterland Frisian Hänge ("hinge"), Dutch heng, Low German henge ("a hook, hinge, handle"), Middle Dutch henghe ("a hook, hinge, handle"), Scots hingel, Dutch hengel ("hook"), geheng, hengsel, dialectal German Hängel ("hook, joint"), German Henkel ("handle, hook"), Old English hōn ("to hang"), hangian. More at hang.

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