A flat tire





  • An area of level ground.
  • A note played a semitone lower than a natural, denoted by the symbol ♭ placed after the letter representing the note (e.g., B♭) or in front of the note symbol (e.g. ♭♪).
  • A flat tyre/flat tire.
  • A type of ladies' shoe with a very low heel.
  • A type of flat-soled running shoe without spikes.
  • A thin, broad brush used in oil and watercolour painting.
  • The flat part of something:
  • A wide, shallow container or pallet.
  • A large mail piece measuring at least 8 1/2 by 11 inches, such as catalogs, magazines, and unfolded paper enclosed in large envelopes.
  • A railroad car without a roof, and whose body is a platform without sides; a platform car or flatcar.
  • A flat-bottomed boat, without keel, and of small draught.
  • A subset of n-dimensional space that is congruent to a Euclidean space of lower dimension.
  • A straw hat, broad-brimmed and low-crowned.
  • A flat sheet for use on a bed.
  • A flat, glossy children's book with few pages.
  • A platform on a wheel, upon which emblematic designs etc. are carried in processions.
  • A horizontal vein or ore deposit auxiliary to a main vein; also, any horizontal portion of a vein not elsewhere horizontal.
  • A rectangular wooden structure covered with masonite, lauan, or muslin that depicts a building or other part of a scene, also called backcloth and backdrop.
  • Any of various hesperiid butterflies that spread their wings open when they land.
  • An early kind of toy soldier having a flat design.
  • A dull fellow; a simpleton.
  • A flat (i.e. plane) mirror
  • An apartment, usually on one level and usually consisting of more than one room.


  • To make a flat call; to call without raising.
  • To become flat or flattened; to sink or fall to an even surface.
  • To fall from the pitch.
  • To depress in tone, as a musical note; especially, to lower in pitch by half a tone.
  • To make flat; to flatten; to level.
  • To render dull, insipid, or spiritless; to depress.
  • To beat or strike; pound
  • To dash or throw
  • To dash, rush


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  • From Middle English flat, a borrowing from Old Norse flatr (compare Norwegian and Swedish flat, Danish flad), from Proto-Germanic *flataz, from Proto-Indo-European *pleth₂- ("flat"); akin to Saterland Frisian flot ("smooth"), German Flöz ("a geological layer"), Ancient Greek πλατύς, Latvian plats, Sanskrit प्रथस् ("extension"). plat, and pleyt.
  • The noun is from Middle English flat, from the adjective.
  • From 1795, alteration of Scots flet ("inner part of a house"), from Middle English flet ("dwelling"), from Old English flet, flett, from Proto-Germanic *flatją ("floor"), from Proto-Germanic *flataz ("flat"), from Proto-Indo-European *pleth₂- ("flat"). Akin to Old Frisian flet ("dwelling, house"). More at flet, flat.
  • From Middle English flatten, from Old French flatir, from Frankish *flattjan, from Proto-Germanic *flatjaną.

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