A gold nugget.



  • A heavy yellow elemental metal of great value, with atomic number 79 and symbol Au.
  • A coin or coinage made of this material, or supposedly so.
  • A deep yellow colour, resembling the metal gold.
  • The bullseye of an archery target.
  • A gold medal.
  • Anything or anyone that is very valuable.
  • A grill made of gold.


  • Made of gold.
  • Having the colour of gold.
  • Premium, superior.
  • Of a musical recording: having sold 500,000 copies.
  • In a finished state, ready for manufacturing.


  • To pyrolyze or burn food until the color begins to change to a light brown, but not as dark as browning


  • of or referring to a gold version of something


Similar words


  • From Middle English gold, from Old English gold, from Proto-Germanic *gulþą, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰl̥tóm, from Proto-Indo-European *ǵʰelh₃-. Related to yellow; see there for more.
  • Germanic cognates include Dutch goud, German Gold, Norwegian gull, Swedish guld, and cognates from other Indo-European languages are Latvian zelts, Russian зо́лото, Persian زرد ("yellow, golden"), Sanskrit हिरण्य.
  • From gold master, a copy of the code certified as being ready for release.

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