• To form something into a loop.
  • To fasten or encircle something with a loop.
  • To fly an aircraft in a loop.
  • To move something in a loop.
  • To join electrical components to complete a circuit.
  • To duplicate the route of a pipeline.
  • To create an error in a computer program so that it runs in an endless loop and the computer freezes up.
  • To form a loop.
  • To move in a loop.
  • To place in a loop.


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  • From Middle English loupe ("noose, loop"), earlier lowpknot, of North Germanic origin, from Old Norse hlaup ("a run"), used in the sense of a "running knot", from hlaupa, ultimately from Proto-Germanic *hlaupaną. Compare Swedish löpknut ("loop-knot"), Danish løbknude ("a running knot"), Danish løb ("a course"). More at leap.
  • From the noun.

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