Length of rope.




  • To tie (something) with rope.
  • To throw a rope (or something similar, e.g. a lasso, cable, wire, etc.) around (something).
  • To climb by means of a rope or ropes.
  • To be formed into rope; to draw out or extend into a filament or thread.
  • To commit suicide, particularly by hanging.


Similar words


  • From Middle English rop, rope, from Old English rāp, from Proto-West Germanic *raip, from Proto-Germanic *raipaz, *raipą, from Proto-Indo-European *h₁roypnós, from *h₁reyp-.
  • Cognate with Scots rape, raip, Saterland Frisian Roop, West Frisian reap, Dutch roop, reep, German Low German Reep, Swedish rep, Icelandic reipi, Albanian rrip.
  • From Middle English ropen, rope, from rop; see above.
  • From Middle English rop, from Old English rop, ropp; compare Middle Dutch rop, roppe.
  • The modern pronunciation results from phonological assimilation to Etymology 1.

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