• The planned movement of troops, vehicles etc.; a strategic repositioning; a large training field-exercise of fighting units.
  • Any strategic or cunning action; a stratagem.
  • A movement of the body, or with an implement, instrument etc., especially one performed with skill or dexterity.
  • A specific medical or surgical movement, often eponymous, done with the doctor's hands or surgical instruments.
  • A controlled (especially skilful) movement taken while steering a vehicle.



  • From Middle French manÅ“uvre ("manipulation, maneuver") and manouvrer, from Old French manovre ("handwork, manual labor"), from Medieval Latin manopera, manuopera, from manu + operari. First recorded in the Capitularies of Charlemagne (800 AD) to mean "chore, manual task", probably as a calque of the Frankish *handwerc ("hand-work"). Compare Old English handweorc, Old English handÄ¡eweorc, German Handwerk. The verb is a doublet of the verb manure.

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