• To record (activity, or a motion picture) on photographic film.
  • To visually record (activity, or a motion picture) in general, with or without sound.
  • To cover or become covered with a thin skin or pellicle.


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  • From Middle English filme, from Old English filmen, from Proto-Germanic *filminją (compare Proto-Germanic *felma-), from Proto-Indo-European, from *pel-. Cognate with Old Frisian filmene, Dutch vel, German Fell, Swedish fjäll, Norwegian fille, Lithuanian plėvē, Russian плева́, Ancient Greek πέλμα. More at fell. Sense of a thin coat of something is 1577, extended by 1845 to the coating of chemical gel on photographic plates. By 1895 this also meant the coating plus the paper or celluloid.

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