• To move an object slowly and carefully in a particular direction.
  • To move slowly and carefully in a particular direction.
  • To win by a small margin.
  • To hit the ball with an edge of the bat, causing a fine deflection.
  • To trim the margin of a lawn where the grass meets the sidewalk, usually with an electric or gas-powered lawn edger.
  • To furnish with an edge; to construct an edging.
  • To furnish with an edge, as a tool or weapon; to sharpen.
  • To make sharp or keen; to incite; to exasperate; to goad; to urge or egg on.
  • To delay one's orgasm so as to remain almost at the point of orgasm.


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  • From Middle English egge, from Old English eċġ, from Proto-West Germanic *aggju, from Proto-Germanic *agjō (compare Dutch egge, German Ecke, Swedish egg, Norwegian egg), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂eḱ- ("sharp") (compare Welsh hogi ("to sharpen, hone"), Latin aciēs ("sharp"), acus, Latvian ašs, ass, Ancient Greek ἀκίς ("needle"), ἀκμή, and Persian آس ("grinding stone")).

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