A light switch.



  • A device to turn electric current on and off or direct its flow.
  • A change or exchange.
  • A movable section of railroad track which allows the train to be directed down one of two destination tracks; (set of) points.
  • A slender woody plant stem used as a whip; a thin, flexible rod, associated with corporal punishment in the United States.
  • Synonym of rute.
  • A command line notation allowing specification of optional behavior.
  • A programming construct that takes different actions depending on the value of an expression.
  • A networking device connecting multiple wires, allowing them to communicate simultaneously, when possible. Compare to the less efficient hub device that solely duplicates network packets to each wire.
  • A system of specialized relays, computer hardware, or other equipment which allows the interconnection of a calling party's telephone line with any called party's line.
  • A mechanism within DNA that activates or deactivates a gene.
  • One who is willing to take either a submissive or a dominant role in a sexual relationship.
  • A separate mass or tress of hair, or of some substance (such as jute) made to resemble hair, formerly worn on the head by women.
  • A variant of crazy eights where one card, such as an ace, reverses the direction of play.



  • Pertaining to riding with the front and back feet swapped round compared to one's normal position.
  • Pertaining to skiing backwards.


Similar words

Narrower meaning words

  • analogue switch
  • digital switch
  • dipswitch
  • disconnect switch
  • float switch
  • footswitch
  • key switch
  • knife switch
  • limit switch
  • mercury tilt switch
  • microswitch
  • network switch
  • pressure switch
  • railway switch
  • reed switch
  • reversing switch
  • rotary switch
  • sail switch
  • telecommunications switch
  • touch switch
  • vandal resistant switch
  • wireless light switch
  • centrifugal switch
  • company switch
  • double pole, double throw switch
  • man's switch
  • fireman's switch
  • hall-effect switch
  • inertial switch
  • isolator switch
  • kill switch
  • light switch
  • latching switch
  • load control switch
  • membrane switch
  • piezo switch
  • pull switch
  • push switch
  • sense switch
  • slotted optical switch
  • stepping switch
  • thermal switch
  • three-way switch
  • four-way switch
  • time switch
  • transfer switch
  • wall-mounted switch
  • zero speed switch


  • Perhaps from Middle Dutch swijch ("twig"). First known use in .

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