• To remove the top end of something, especially a plant.
  • To mow, reap or gather.
  • To cut (especially hair or an animal's tail or ears) short.
  • To remove the outer parts of a photograph or other image, typically in order to frame the subject better.
  • To yield harvest.
  • To cause to bear a crop.


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  • From Middle English crop, croppe, from Old English crop, cropp, croppa, from Proto-Germanic *kruppaz ("body, trunk, crop"), from Proto-Indo-European *grewb- ("to warp, bend, crawl"). Cognate with Dutch krop ("crop"), German Low German Kropp ("a swelling on the neck, the craw, maw"), German Kropf ("the craw, ear of grain, head of lettuce or cabbage"), Swedish kropp ("body, trunk"), Icelandic kroppur ("a hunch on the body"). Related to crap, group, and croup.
  • From Middle English croppen ("to cut, pluck and eat"), from Old English *croppian. Cognate with Scots crap ("to crop"), Dutch kroppen ("to cram, digest"), Low German kröppen ("to cut, crop, stuff the craw"), German kröpfen ("to crop"), Icelandic kroppa ("to cut, crop, pick"). Literally, to take off the crop (top, head, ear) of a plant. See Etymology 1.

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