Similar words

  • submit - To fully surrender
  • capitulate - To end all resistance, may imply a compensation with an enemy or to end all resistance because of loss of hope
  • succumb - To fully surrender, because of helplessness and extreme weakness, to the leader of an opposing force
  • relent - A yielding because of pity or mercy
  • defer - A voluntary submitting out of respect, reverence or affection
  • give way - To succumb to persistent persuasion.
  • surrender - To give up into the power, control, or possession of another
  • cede - To give up, give way, give away
  • give up - To surrender
  • produce - To make (a thing) available to a person, an authority, etc.
  • bear - To produce something, such as fruit or crops
  • supply - To provide (something), to make (something) available for use
  • give in
  • to trade away - to let others get hold of a property or right of yours.
  • crop
  • fruits
  • gain
  • harvest
  • produce
  • return


  • From Middle English yielden, yelden, ȝelden, from Old English ġieldan, from Proto-West Germanic *geldan, from Proto-Germanic *geldaną, from Proto-Indo-European *gʰeldʰ-.
  • Cognate with Scots yield ("to yield"), North Frisian jilden ("to pay"), Saterland Frisian Saterland Frisian jäilde ("to be valid; matter; count; be worth"), West Frisian jilde ("to pay"), Low German Low German gellen, Dutch gelden ("to apply, count, be valued, be regarded"), German gelten ("to apply, count, be valued, be regarded"), Icelandic gjalda ("to pay, yield, give"), Norwegian Bokmål gjelde.
  • From Middle English ȝeld, from Old English ġild, ġield, from Proto-West Germanic *geld, from Proto-Germanic *geldą ("reward, gift, money"), from Proto-Indo-European *gʰeldʰ- ("to pay").
  • Compare West Frisian jild, Dutch geld, Low German and German Geld, Danish gjæld, Swedish gäld, Icelandic gjald. See also geld.

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