• To have on hand for sale.
  • To provide with material requisites; to store; to fill; to supply.
  • To allow (cows) to retain milk for twenty-four hours or more prior to sale.
  • To put in the stocks as punishment.
  • To fit (an anchor) with a stock, or to fasten the stock firmly in place.
  • To arrange cards in a certain manner for cheating purposes; to stack the deck.


  • Of a type normally available for purchase/in stock.
  • Having the same configuration as cars sold to the non-racing public, or having been modified from such a car.
  • Straightforward, ordinary, just another, very basic.


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  • From Old English stocc, from Proto-West Germanic *stokk, from Proto-Germanic *stukkaz ("tree-trunk"), with modern senses mostly referring either to the trunk from which the tree grows (figuratively, its origin and/or support/foundation), or to a piece of wood, stick, or rod. The senses of "supply" and "raw material" arose from a probable conflation with steck or the use of split tally sticks consisting of foil or counterfoil and stock to capture paid taxes, debts or exchanges. chock.
  • From Italian stoccata.

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