• The third season of the year; autumn; fall.
  • The season of gathering ripened crops; specifically, the time of reaping and gathering grain.
  • The process of gathering the ripened crop; harvesting.
  • The yield of harvesting, i.e., the gathered crops or fruits.
  • The product or result of any exertion or course of action; reward or consequences.
  • A modern pagan ceremony held on or around the autumn equinox, which is in the harvesting season.



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  • From Middle English harvest, hervest, from Old English hærfest ("autumn, harvest-time; August"), from Proto-West Germanic *harbist, from Proto-Germanic *harbistaz ("harvest-time, autumn, fall"), from *harbaz, from Proto-Indo-European *kerp-.
  • Cognate with Sylt North Frisian Hārefst, West Frisian hjerst, Dutch herfst, German Herbst, German Low German Harvst, Danish and Norwegian Bokmål høst, Norwegian Nynorsk haust; further with Latin carpere ("to seize"), Ancient Greek καρπός ("fruit"), κείρω.

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