• To cut down grass or crops.
  • To cut down or slaughter in great numbers.
  • To make grimaces, mock.
  • To put into mows.



  • From Middle English mowen (participle mowen), from Old English māwan (past tense mēow, past participle māwen), from Proto-Germanic *mēaną (compare Dutch maaien, German mähen, Danish meje, Swedish meja), from Proto-Indo-European *h₂meh₁- ("to mow, reap"); compare Hittite, Latin metō ("I harvest, mow"), Ancient Greek ἀμάω ("I mow").
  • Middle English mowe, from Middle French moue ("lip, pout"), from Old French moe ("grimace"), from Frankish *mauwu, from Proto-Germanic *mawwō ("muff, sleeve"). Akin to Middle Dutch mouwe ("protruding lip"). Cognate to moue.
  • Old English mūga. Cognate with Norwegian muge ("heap, crowd, flock").

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