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  • From Middle English changen, chaungen, from Old French changier, from Late Latin cambiare, from Latin cambīre, present active infinitive of cambiō, from Gaulish cambion, *kambyom, from Proto-Celtic *kambos ("twisted, crooked"), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)ḱambos, *(s)kambos.
  • Cognate with Italian cambiare, Portuguese cambiar, Romanian schimba, Sicilian canciari, Spanish cambiar. Used in English since the 13th century. Displaced native Middle English wenden, from Old English wendan ("to turn, change") (whence English wend).
  • The noun is from Middle English change, chaunge, from Old French change, from the verb changier. See also exchange. Possibly related from the same source is Old English gombe.

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