• Movement in people or things characterized with a continuous motion, involving either a non solid mass or a multitude
  • The movement of a real or figurative fluid.
  • A formalization of the idea of the motion of particles in a fluid, as a group action of the real numbers on a set.
  • The rising movement of the tide.
  • Smoothness or continuity.
  • The amount of a fluid that moves or the rate of fluid movement.
  • A flow pipe, carrying liquid away from a boiler or other central plant (compare with return pipe which returns fluid to central plant).
  • A mental state characterized by concentration, focus and enjoyment of a given task.
  • The emission of blood during menstruation.
  • The ability to skilfully rap along to a beat.
  • The sequence of steps taken in a piece of software to perform some action. ()
  • A morass or marsh.



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  • From Middle English flowe, from the verb (see below).
  • From Middle English flowen, from Old English flōwan, from Proto-West Germanic *flōan, from Proto-Germanic *flōaną, from Proto-Indo-European *plōw-, lengthened o-grade form of *plew-. Cognate with Saterland Frisian flouje, West Frisian floeie, Dutch vloeien, Norwegian flo. Compare also English float. Not cognate with Latin fluō despite similarity.
  • Uncertain. Perhaps from Old Norse flói, see floe. Compare Scots flow, Icelandic flói.

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