A liquid—water—flowing out of a bottle



  • A substance that is flowing, and keeping no shape, such as water; a substance of which the molecules, while not tending to separate from one another like those of a gas, readily change their relative position, and which therefore retains no definite shape, except that determined by the containing receptacle; an inelastic fluid.
  • Any of a class of consonant sounds that includes l and r.


  • Flowing freely like water; fluid; not solid and not gaseous; composed of particles that move freely among each other on the slightest pressure.
  • Easily sold or disposed of without losing value.
  • Having sufficient trading activity to make buying or selling easy.
  • Flowing or sounding smoothly or without abrupt transitions or harsh tones.
  • Pronounced without any jar or harshness; smooth.
  • Fluid and transparent.


Opposite words


  • (σύμφωνον)").

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