• A long, thin piece of land; any long, thin area.
  • A long, thin piece of any material; any such material collectively.
  • A comic strip.
  • A landing strip.
  • A strip steak.
  • A street with multiple shopping or entertainment possibilities.
  • The playing area, roughly 14 meters by 2 meters.
  • The uniform of a football team, or the same worn by supporters.
  • A trough for washing ore.
  • The issuing of a projectile from a rifled gun without acquiring the spiral motion.
  • A television series aired at the same time daily (or at least on Mondays to Fridays), so that it appears as a strip straight across the weekly schedule.
  • The act of removing one's clothes; a striptease.


  • To remove or take away, often in strips or stripes.
  • To take off clothing.
  • To perform a striptease.
  • To take away something from (someone or something); to plunder; to divest.
  • To remove cargo from (a container).
  • To remove (the thread or teeth) from a screw, nut, or gear, especially inadvertently by overtightening.
  • To fail in the thread; to lose the thread, as a bolt, screw, or nut.
  • To fire (a bullet or ball) from a rifle such that it fails to pick up a spin from the rifling.
  • To fail to pick up a spin from the grooves in a rifle barrel.
  • To remove color from hair, cloth, etc. to prepare it to receive new color.
  • To remove all cards of a particular suit from another player. (See also strip-squeeze.)
  • To empty (tubing) by applying pressure to the outside of (the tubing) and moving that pressure along (the tubing).
  • To milk a cow, especially by stroking and compressing the teats to draw out the last of the milk.
  • To press out the ripe roe or milt from fishes, for artificial fecundation.
  • To run a television series at the same time daily (or at least on Mondays to Fridays), so that it appears as a strip straight across the weekly schedule.
  • To pare off the surface of (land) in strips.
  • To remove the overlying earth from (a deposit).
  • To pass; to get clear of; to outstrip.
  • To remove the metal coating from (a plated article), as by acids or electrolytic action.
  • To remove fibre, flock, or lint from; said of the teeth of a card when it becomes partly clogged.
  • To pick the cured leaves from the stalks of (tobacco) and tie them into "hands".
  • To remove the midrib from (tobacco leaves).


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  • From alteration of stripe or from Middle Low German strippe
  • From Middle English strepen, strippen, from Old English strÄ«epan ("plunder"). Probably related to German Strafe

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