A bowl of mixed nuts (hard-shelled seeds).



  • A hard-shelled seed.
  • A piece of metal, usually square or hexagonal in shape, with a hole through it having machined internal threads, intended to be screwed onto a bolt or other threaded shaft.
  • A crazy person.
  • The head.
  • Monthly expense to keep a venture running.
  • The amount of money necessary to set up some venture; set-up costs.
  • A stash of money owned by an extremely rich investor, sufficient to sustain a high level of consumption if all other money is lost.
  • On stringed instruments such as guitars and violins, the small piece at the peghead end of the fingerboard that holds the strings at the proper spacing and, in most cases, the proper height.
  • En, a unit of measurement equal to half of the height of the type in use.
  • An extravagantly fashionable young man.
  • A testicle.
  • Semen, ejaculate.
  • Orgasm, ejaculation; especially release of semen.
  • An extreme enthusiast.
  • A shaped piece of metal, threaded by a wire loop, which is jammed in a crack in the rockface and used to protect a climb. (Originally, machine nuts [sense #2] were used for this purpose.)
  • The best possible hand of a certain type, for instance: "nut straight", "nut flush", and "nut full house". Compare nuts.
  • The tumbler of a gunlock.
  • A projection on each side of the shank of an anchor, to secure the stock in place.
  • A small rounded cake or cookie.




  • Image:Mixed nuts small white3.jpg|thumb|right|A bowl of mixed nuts (hard-shelled seeds).
  • Image:Nut-hardware.jpg|thumb|right|Assorted nuts (fasteners with internal threads).
  • Image:Violin_nut.jpg|thumb|right|The nut of a violin.
  • From Middle English nute, note, from Old English hnutu, from Proto-West Germanic *hnut, from Proto-Germanic *hnuts ("nut") (compare West Frisian nút, Dutch noot, German Nuss, Danish nød, Swedish nöt, Norwegian nøtt), from Proto-Indo-European *knew- (compare Irish cnó, Latin nux ("walnut")).
  • Variant of not.

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