Sunflower seeds (1).



  • A fertilized and ripened ovule, containing an embryonic plant.
  • Any small seed-like fruit.
  • Any propagative portion of a plant which may be sown, such as true seeds, seed-like fruits, tubers, or bulbs.
  • An amount of seeds that cannot be readily counted.
  • A fragment of coral.
  • Semen.
  • A precursor.
  • The initial state, condition or position of a changing, growing or developing process; the ultimate precursor in a defined chain of precursors.
  • Offspring, descendants, progeny.
  • Race; generation; birth.
  • A small bubble formed in imperfectly fused glass.


  • To plant or sow an area with seeds.
  • To cover thinly with something scattered; to ornament with seedlike decorations.
  • To start; to provide, assign or determine the initial resources for, position of, state of.
  • To allocate a seeding to a competitor.
  • To leave (files) available for others to download through peer-to-peer file sharing protocols (e.g. BitTorrent).
  • To be qualified to compete, especially in a quarter-final, semi-final or final.
  • To produce seed.
  • To grow to maturity.
  • To ejaculate inside the penetratee during intercourse, especially in the rectum.
  • Past of see


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