A file (tool).



  • A collection of papers collated and archived together.
  • A roll or list.
  • Course of thought; thread of narration.
  • An aggregation of data on a storage device, identified by a name.
  • A column of people one behind another, whether "single file" or in a large group with many files side by side.
  • A small detachment of soldiers.
  • one of the eight vertical lines of squares on a chessboard (i.e., those identified by a letter). The analog horizontal lines are the ranks.
  • A hand tool consisting of a handle to which a block of coarse metal is attached, and used for removing sharp edges or for cutting, especially through metal.
  • A cunning or resourceful person.



Similar words

Narrower meaning words

  • audio file
  • binary file
  • code file
  • destination file
  • hypertext file
  • Jenkinsfile
  • source code file
  • source file
  • system file
  • text file
  • video file
  • rasp


  • From Old French fil ("thread"), from Latin fīlum ("thread"). filum.
  • From French file, from filer, from Latin fīlāre, from filum.
  • From Middle English file, fyle, from Old English fēl, fēol, from earlier fīil, from Proto-Germanic *finhlō, *finhilō, from Proto-Indo-European *peyḱ- ("to adorn, form"). Cognate with West Frisian file ("file"), Dutch vijl ("file"), German Feile ("file").
  • From Middle English filen, from Old English fȳlan, from Proto-West Germanic *fūlijan. More at defile.

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