A cow (sense 1)




  • To intimidate; to daunt the spirits or courage of.


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  • From Middle English cou, cu, from Old English cū ("cow"), from Proto-West Germanic *kū, from Proto-Germanic *kūz ("cow"), from Proto-Indo-European *gʷṓws ("cow").
  • Cognate with Sanskrit गो, Ancient Greek βοῦς, Persian گاو), Latvian govs ("cow"), Proto-Slavic *govędo (Serbo-Croatian govedo, Russian говядина ("beef")), Scots coo ("cow"), North Frisian ko, kø, West Frisian ko ("cow"), Dutch koe ("cow"), Low German Koh ("cow"), German Kuh ("cow"), Swedish ko ("cow"), Norwegian ku ("cow"), Icelandic kýr ("cow"), Latin bōs ("ox, bull, cow"), Armenian կով ("cow").
  • The plural kine is from Middle English kyne, kyn, kuin, kiin, kien, either a double plural of Middle English ky, kye, equivalent to modern kye + -en, or inherited from Old English cȳna, genitive plural of cū.
  • Probably from Old Norse kúga ("to oppress") (whence also Norwegian and Danish kue, Swedish kuva); compare Icelandic kúfa ("to set on top") and Faroese kúga ("to oppress").

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