Disk brake on a motorcycle.





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  • Apparently a shortened form of bracken. (Compare chick, chicken.)
  • From Old English bracu, first attested in plural form fearnbraca, probably from Proto-Germanic *brekanÄ… ("to break") and influenced by brake#Etymology_1. Compare Middle Low German brake ("stump, branch").
  • Late Middle English, from Middle Low German brake, Dutch braak, Old Dutch braeke; possibly related to brake#Etymology_4.
  • Image:Disc brake.jpg|thumb|right|Disk brake on a motorcycle.
  • Origin uncertain; possibly from Middle Dutch or Middle Low German brake ("nose ring, curb, flax brake"), which according to Watkins is related to brake#Etymology_3 and from Proto-Germanic *brekanÄ… ("to break").
  • Origin uncertain.
  • Inflected forms.

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