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  • From Middle English steeren, steren, stiren, sturen, steoren, from Old English stēoran, stīeran, stȳran, from Proto-West Germanic *stiurijan ("to steer"), from Proto-Germanic *stiurijaną ("to steer").
  • The noun is from Middle English steere, stere, steor, from Old English stēor, stȳr. Compare Dutch stuur, German Steuer, Icelandic stýri.
  • From Middle English stere, steer, ster, steor, from Old English stēor ("a young bull or cow; steer"), from Proto-Germanic *steuraz ("bull; steer"), from Proto-Indo-European *(s)táwros ("wild bull; aurochs"). Cognate with Dutch stier, German Stier, Icelandic stjór, Latin taurus ("bull"), Greek ταύρος. tur.

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