A Charolais bull



  • An adult male of domesticated cattle or oxen.
  • A male of domesticated cattle or oxen of any age.
  • Any adult male bovine.
  • An adult male of certain large mammals, such as whales, elephants, camels and seals.
  • A large, strong man.
  • An investor who buys (commodities or securities) in anticipation of a rise in prices.
  • A policeman.
  • An elderly lesbian.
  • A crown coin; its value,
  • Short form of bullseye
  • A man or boy (derived from the Philadelphia English pronunciation of “boy”, which is practically a homophone of “bull”)
  • Short form of bullshit
  • A man who has sex with another man's wife or girlfriend with the consent of both.
  • A drink made by pouring water into a cask that previously held liquor.
  • A papal bull, an official document or edict from the Pope.
  • A seal affixed to a document, especially a document from the Pope.
  • A lie.
  • Nonsense.
  • A bubble.


  • Large and strong, like a bull.
  • adult male
  • Of a market in which prices are rising (compare bear)
  • stupid


  • To force oneself (in a particular direction).
  • To be in heat; to manifest sexual desire as cows do.
  • To endeavour to raise the market price of.
  • To endeavour to raise prices in.
  • to publish in a Papal bull
  • To mock; to cheat.
  • To lie, to tell untruths.
  • To polish boots to a high shine.


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  • From Middle English bole, bul, bule, from a conflation of Old English bula ("bull, steer") and Old Norse boli, both from Proto-Germanic *bulô ("bull"), from Proto-Indo-European *bʰl̥no-, from *bʰel-. Cognate with West Frisian bolle, Dutch bul, German Low German Bull, German Bulle, Swedish bulla; also Old Irish ball ("limb"), Latin follis ("bellows, leather bag"), Thracian βόλινθος ("wild bull"), Albanian buall or related bolle, Ancient Greek φαλλός ("penis").
  • Middle English bulle, from Old French bulle, from Latin bulla, from Gaulish. bull, and bulla.
  • Middle English bull ("falsehood"), of Unknown origin. Possibly related to Old French boul, boule, bole. Popularly associated with bullshit.
  • Old French boule ("ball"), from Latin bulla ("round swelling"), of Gaulish origin. bull, and bulla.

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