• Equipment or paraphernalia, especially that used for an athletic endeavor.
  • Clothing; garments.
  • Goods; property; household items.
  • A wheel with grooves (teeth) engraved on the outer circumference, such that two such devices can interlock and convey motion from one to the other; a gear wheel.
  • A particular combination or choice of interlocking gears, such that a particular gear ratio is achieved.
  • A configuration of the transmission of a motor car so as to achieve a particular ratio of engine to axle torque.
  • Recreational drugs, including steroids.
  • Stuff.
  • Business matters; affairs; concern.
  • Anything worthless; nonsense; rubbish.


  • To provide with gearing; to fit with gears in order to achieve a desired gear ratio.
  • To be in, or come into, gear.
  • To dress; to put gear on; to harness.
  • To design or devise (something) so as to be suitable (for a particular type of person or a particular purpose).
  • To borrow money in order to invest it in assets.


  • great or fantastic


  • From Middle English gere, a borrowing from Old Norse gervi, from Proto-Germanic *garwijanÄ…. See also adjective yare, yar from the same root via Old English.

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