• To fill by packing or crowding something into; to cram with something; to load to excess.
  • To fill a space with (something) in a compressed manner.
  • To fill with seasoning.
  • To load goods into (a container) for transport.
  • To sate.
  • To eat, especially in a hearty or greedy manner.
  • To break; to destroy.
  • To sexually penetrate.
  • See also stuff it.
  • To heavily defeat or get the better of.
  • To cut off another competitor in a race by disturbing his projected and committed racing line (trajectory) by an abrupt manoeuvre.
  • To preserve a dead bird or other animal by filling its skin.
  • To obstruct, as any of the organs; to affect with some obstruction in the organs of sense or respiration.
  • To form or fashion by packing with the necessary material.
  • To crowd with facts; to cram the mind of; sometimes, to crowd or fill with false or idle tales or fancies.
  • To compress (a file or files) in the StuffIt format, to be unstuffed later.


  • From Middle English stuffen, borrowed from Old French estoffer, estofer, borrowed from Old High German stoffōn, from Proto-West Germanic *stoppōn. More at stop.

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