A glass of cow's milk.




  • To express milk from (a mammal, especially a cow).
  • To draw (milk) from the breasts or udder.
  • To express any liquid (from any creature).
  • To make excessive use of (a particular point in speech or writing, a source of funds, etc.); to exploit; to take advantage of (something).
  • To give off small gas bubbles during the final part of the charging operation.
  • To single-mindedly masturbate a male to ejaculation, especially for the amusement and/or satisfaction of the masturbator/trix rather than the person masturbated.


  • From Middle English milk, mylk, melk, mulc, from Old English meolc, meoluc, from Proto-West Germanic *meluk, from Proto-Germanic *meluks, from Proto-Indo-European *h₂melǵ-.
  • Cognate with West Frisian molke, Dutch melk, Dutch Low Saxon melk, German Milch, German Low German Melk, Yiddish מילך, Danish mælk, Norwegian Bokmål mjølk, melk, Norwegian Nynorsk mjølk, Swedish mjölk, Icelandic mjólk, Faroese mjólk, Albanian mjel ("to milk"), Polish mleko, Russian молоко́, Welsh blith, Tocharian A malke, Lithuanian malkas, Latvian malks, and possibly Ancient Greek μέλκιον.
  • From Middle English milken, from Old English melcan, from Proto-Germanic *melkaną, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *h₂melǵ-, the same root as the noun. Compare Dutch and German melken, Danish malke, Norwegian mjølke, also Latin mulgeō ("I milk"), Ancient Greek ἀμέλγω ("I milk"), Albanian mjel ("to milk"), Russian молоко́, Lithuanian mélžti, Tocharian A mālk-.

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