• The act of hauling or dragging.
  • That which is hauled or dragged.
  • Anything that moves slowly.
  • A lug nut.
  • A device for terminating an electrical conductor to facilitate the mechanical connection; to the conductor it may be crimped to form a cold weld, soldered or have pressure from a screw.
  • A part of something which sticks out, used as a handle or support.
  • A fool, a large man.
  • An ear or ear lobe.
  • A wood box used for transporting fruit or vegetables.
  • A request for money, as for political purposes.
  • A rod or pole.
  • A measure of length equal to feet.
  • A lugsail.
  • The leather loop or ear by which a shaft is held up.File:Medieval harness pendant suspension mount (FindID 604459).jpg|thumb|right|Harness pendant suspension mount featuring two lugs (at the bottom). The pendant has one lug (also named loop), placed in the gap between the two lugs of the hanger.
  • A loop (or protuberance) found on both arms of a hinge, featuring a hole for the axis of the hinge.
  • A ridge or other protuberance on the surface of a body to increase traction or provide a hold for holding and moving it.
  • A lugworm.



  • Probably from Old Norse (compare Swedish lugga, Norwegian lugge). Noun is via Scots lugge, probably from Old Norse (compare Norwegian and Swedish lugg). Probably related to slug, which is from similar Scandinavian sources.

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