• The substance making up the central part of the trunk and branches of a tree. Used as a material for construction, to manufacture various items, etc. or as fuel.
  • The wood of a particular species of tree.
  • A forested or wooded area.
  • Firewood.
  • A type of golf club, the head of which was traditionally made of wood.
  • A woodwind instrument.
  • An erection of the penis.
  • Chess pieces.
  • A peckerwood.


  • To cover or plant with trees.
  • To hide behind trees.
  • To supply with wood, or get supplies of wood for.
  • To take or get a supply of wood.



Similar words


  • From Middle English wode, from Old English wudu, widu, from Proto-West Germanic *widu, from Proto-Germanic *widuz ("wood"), from Proto-Indo-European *h₁weydʰh₁- ("to separate").
  • Cognate with Dutch wede, Middle High German wite, Danish ved, Swedish ved, Icelandic viður. Further cognates include Irish fiodh, Irish fid and Welsh gwŷdd; all from Proto-Celtic *widus. Unrelated to Dutch woud, German Wald (see English wold).
  • From Middle English wood, from Old English wōd ("mad, insane"). See the full etymology at wode.

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