• A hollow place or cavity; an excavation; a pit; an opening in or through a solid body, a fabric, etc.; a perforation; a rent; a fissure.
  • In games.
  • An excavation pit or trench.
  • A weakness; a flaw or ambiguity.
  • A container or receptacle.
  • In semiconductors, a lack of an electron in an occupied band behaving like a positively charged particle.
  • A security vulnerability in software which can be taken advantage of by an exploit.
  • An orifice, in particular the anus. When used with shut it always refers to the mouth.
  • Sex, or a sex partner.
  • Solitary confinement, a high-security prison cell often used as punishment.
  • An undesirable place to live or visit; a hovel.
  • Difficulty, in particular, debt.
  • A chordless cycle in a graph.
  • A passing loop; a siding provided for trains traveling in opposite directions on a single-track line to pass each other.


  • To make holes in (an object or surface).
  • To destroy.
  • To go into a hole.
  • To drive into a hole, as an animal, or a billiard ball or golf ball.
  • To cut, dig, or bore a hole or holes in.


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  • From Middle English hole, hol, from Old English hol ("orifice, hollow place, cavity"), from Proto-West Germanic *hol, from Proto-Germanic *hulÄ… ("hollow space, cavity"), noun derivative of Proto-Germanic *hulaz ("hollow"). Related to hollow.

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