• The process by which something is dried.
  • A prohibitionist (of alcoholic beverages).
  • An area with little or no rain, or sheltered from it.
  • The dry season.
  • An area of waterless country.
  • Unsweetened ginger ale; dry ginger
  • A radical or hard-line Conservative; especially, one who supported the policies of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher in the 1980s.



Opposite words


  • Adjective and noun from Middle English drye, dryge, druȝe, from Old English drȳġe, from Proto-Germanic *drūgiz, *draugiz, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰerǵʰ-, from *dʰer-.
  • Cognate with Scots dry, drey, North Frisian drüg, driig, Saterland Frisian druuch, West Frisian droech, Dutch droog, Low German dröög, German dröge, Icelandic draugur. Related also to German trocken, West Frisian drege, Danish drøj, Swedish dryg, Icelandic drjúgur, Latin firmus. See also drought, drain, dree.
  • Verb from Middle English drien, from Old English drȳġan, from Proto-West Germanic *drūgijan, from Proto-Germanic *drūgiz, from Proto-Indo-European *dʰerǵʰ-.

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