• Prohibition.
  • A public proclamation or edict; a summons by public proclamation. Chiefly, in early use, a summons to arms.
  • The gathering of the (French) king's vassals for war; the whole body of vassals so assembled, or liable to be summoned; originally, the same as arrière-ban: in the 16th c., French usage created a distinction between ban and arrière-ban, for which see the latter word.
  • A curse or anathema.
  • A pecuniary mulct or penalty laid upon a delinquent for offending against a ban, such as a mulct paid to a bishop by one guilty of sacrilege or other crimes.
  • A subdivision of currency, equal to one hundredth of a Romanian leu.
  • A subdivision of currency, equal to one hundredth of a Moldovan leu.
  • A unit measuring information or entropy based on base-ten logarithms, rather than the base-two logarithms that define the bit.
  • A title used in several states in central and south-eastern Europe between the 7th century and the 20th century.


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  • From Middle English bannen ("to summon; to banish; to curse"), partly from Old English bannan ("to summon, command, proclaim, call out") and partly from Old Norse banna ("to prohibit; to curse"), both from Proto-Germanic *bannaną ("to proclaim, to order; to summon; to ban; to curse, forbid"), from Proto-Indo-European, innovative nasal-infixed zero-grade athematic present of *bʰeh₂-.
  • Cognate with Dutch bannen ("to ban, exile, discard"), German bannen ("to exile, to exorcise, captivate, excommunicate"), Swedish banna ("to ban, scold"), , Armenian բան and perhaps Albanian banoj ("to reside, dwell"). See also banal, abandon.
  • Borrowed from Romanian ban of uncertain origin, perhaps from Serbo-Croatian ban.
  • From Banburismus; coined by Alan Turing.
  • From (compare Serbo-Croatian ban), from Proto-Slavic *banъ; see there for more.

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