• Condensed water falling from a cloud.
  • Any matter moving or falling, usually through air, and especially if liquid or otherwise figuratively identifiable with raindrops.
  • An instance of particles or larger pieces of matter moving or falling through air.


  • To have rain fall from the sky.
  • To fall as or like rain.
  • To issue (something) in large quantities.


  • From Middle English reyn, rein, from Old English reġn, from Proto-West Germanic *regn, from Proto-Germanic *regną (compare West Frisian rein, Dutch regen, German Regen, Danish and Norwegian regn), of uncertain origin. Possibly from pre-Germanic *Hréǵ-no-, from Proto-Indo-European *Hreǵ- ("to flow") (compare Latin rigō ("wet, soak"), Lithuanian rõki ("drizzling rain"), Albanian rrjedh ("to flow, drip")), although the consonant reflexes don't match.

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