• To do (something); to execute.
  • To exhibit an expected pattern of behavior; to function; to work.
  • To act in a way set forth in a contract.
  • To do (something) in front of an audience, such as acting or music, often in order to entertain.
  • To behave theatrically so as to give the impression of (a quality, character trait, etc.); to feign.
  • Of a social actor, to behave in certain ways.


  • From Middle English performen, parfournen, from Anglo-Norman performer, parfourmer, alteration of Old French parfornir, parfurnir, from par- + fornir, furnir, from Frankish *frumjan ("to accomplish, furnish"), from Proto-Germanic *frumjaną, *framjaną, from Proto-Indo-European *promo- ("in front, forth"), *per-. Cognate with Old High German frummen ("to do, execute, accomplish, provide"), Old Saxon frummian ("to perform, promote"), Old English fremman ("to perform, execute, carry out, accomplish"), Gothic 𐍆𐍂𐌿𐌼𐌾𐌰𐌽 ("to promote, accomplish"). See also frame, from.

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